Spring Promotions are Here!

Beginner Rider Package

​​We are so excited to roll out our new Beginner Lesson Program, a fully structured, step-by-step program program designed to instill a solid foundation - both on the ground and in the saddle - for new riders to build on. Beginner 1 focuses on developing knowledge and understanding of: safely working with and around horses both in the saddle and on the ground, basic riding positions and steering commands, and how to properly groom, tack, and put away a horse after a ride. Beginner 2 expands on the skills learned in Beginner 1, elaborating on the groundwork and encompassing more detailed positional work and steering over poles and around obstacles independent of the lunge line.


Completion of Beginner 1 is required before moving on to Beginner 2. Students that have successfully completed both sections will then be evaluated for acceptance into the regular riding school program.

Beginner 1: $300, 10 lessons, 20-30minutes

Beginner 2: $400, 10 lessons, 20-30 minutes

*Lessons must  be used within 12 weeks from first lesson. Limited time slots available, please call early to schedule.

New Boarder Special

Come join our hard-working, dedicated family of horse enthusiasts! Offering a fully-customizable, boutique program, each owner and horse's needs can be individually evaluated and attended to. We currently have a limited number of stalls available and invite you to set up a tour and interview today! 

Board rates starting at $950/month

*Valid March 1st - June 1st. Discount applied to first month's board only; cannot be combined with any other boarding/training promotions.

Spring Training Special

​​Get amped up for the warm weather with one of our spring training specials! With 30-, 60-, and 90-day packages, there are options for for the greenest baby to the most seasoned showman. A spring training package can benefit many different horses/riders, including those that need:

   - Post winter tune-up

   - Green horse foundation

   - Problem solving

Training packages (including board) starting at 

*Valid March 1st-June 1st. First day's training must start by June 1st; cannot be combined with any other boarding/training promotions.

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