2019 Season

There are many opportunities to get involced at ThoroughQuest. We attend "AA" & "A" rated shows both locally and nationally and local IHJA "B" rated shows, in addition to our yearly in-house open shows. Summer camps, intensive workshops, kid's days, bonfires and family days are just some of the things available to our clients.

2018-19 Schedule of Events

*2019 Horse Show Schedule

     Download schedule here

*Back to Basics Clinic Series (1p - 3p, $30ea)

     March 23rd - Session 1 - Speaking "Horse"

        Building the relationship from the ground up. Speaking the same

        language and understanding what they are communicating.

        Influencing positive behavior and establishing boundaries.

     March 30th - Session 2 - Leg Protection: What, When, and Why

        Care of the legs before and after work, and choosing the best

        routine for your horse; it's not always the same!

     April 20th - Session 3 - Yes, it IS a Beauty Pageant

        Skin, coat, and hoof maintenance; all the tricks of the trade.

     May 4th - Session 4 - If the Shoe Fits

        Learn all about hoof health, when to put on and change shoes,

        and what to keep an eye out for.

     May 18th - Session 5 - Ring Around the Rosie

        The ins-and-outs of lunging: why, when, and how and working

        with and without a lunging system.

     June 8th - Session 6 - A Bit About Bits

        Different bits and their uses and determining the best bit for you

        and your horse.

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